Agrico, Sp. z o.o.

Pawlowek, 36, Kalisz, Wielkopolski
Pawlowek, 36,Kalisz, Wielkopolski
Fanin Ivan, sales Department
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The AGRiCO Company established in 1991 and has nearly 26 years of successful experience of licensed and certified manufacturing and gradually growing trade of canned products.
Presently, with total manpower over 200 employees we are one of the leading manufacturer of canned food all over the whole country of Poland and abroad mostly to European markets with monthly production capacity exceeding 7 000 tons of turn-key products.
Our Company majors in production of mostly canned meat products and ready meals as follows:
- canned meat;
- canned fish;
- pates and spreads;
- ready-meals (easy to cook in microwave oven);
- soy products;
- the pro-health products fit for fitness (high in fiber, low calories, low-fat);
- Halal products (adopted for Muslim Customers).
Our products are made of high quality:
- pork;
- poultry;
- fish;
- vegetables.

Компания образована в 1991 году, численность 250 чел.
просмотров: 65

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